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Aerial photograph 2016


Atzlinger GmbH is a down-to-earth, dynamic corporation occupying 55 employees.


In each of the four operating areas

  • Air brake systems

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Tyre pressure control systems (Importer of PTG for Austria)

  • Contract production of metal components

Atzlinger offers flexible, customer-orientated solutions setting standards in terms of quality and precision.

Responsibility & Appreciation


Responsibility and appreciation are values that guide us in all our work. Showing responsibility and appreciation for our customers, our employees and our suppliers

Therefor we continuously thrive to strengthen and expand our production network, providing highly efficient manufacturing cycles, a pleasant workplace climate, and even more service for our customers



Quality & Sustainability


Quality is a daily process. We see our ISO 9001:2015 certification therefor more as a minimum requirement, rather than our highest standard. The People behind every sequence in development, production and marketing shape and direct this process. Their education, experience and motivation are highly important to us, and are a key point to satisfying our self-imposed quality requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction and steady improvement.

We already think of our future customers, and challenges we will face. In the framework of our sustainability program we continuously aim to increase efficiency of our systems and processes, enabling us to preserve the beautiful landscape our production site is situated in for future generations.






Atzlinger is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic brake systems for agricultural machines and trailers in Europe. Besides tractors and trailers this includes forklifts, telescopic handlers, self-propelled machinery, municipal vehicles, wheel-loaders, excavators, forestry trailers, balers, silage loader waggons, pull-type machinery and more. Atzlinger air brakes are used by manufacturers as OEM systems, and for retrofitting by importers and dealers all across and beyond Europe.


Atzlinger GmbH runs the PTG Tire Pressure Control Systems GmbH general import for Austria. The portfolio includes manual systems for pressure changes while stopping, as well as digital controlled systems, enabling the driver to comfortably change the pressure while driving.

Atzlinger offers air conditionings and spare parts for tractors and special machinery in OEM quality. Our line of products reaches from fully integrated systems to universal rooftop generators, to fully electrical powered systems by SKIMO. The precisely fitted systems are offered as original equipment, as well as retrofitting.


Atzlinger GmbH is your experienced partner when it comes to manufacturing parts and modules with great precision and highest quality. By uniting every expertise from 3D-construction, laser cutting, bending and fitting to distribution of the quality controlled products; we offer a maximum in flexibility, fulfilling every customer’s needs.  The dynamical and flexible structures make it possible to manufacture individual items as well as higher quantities of the same product.

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